1, 2, 3, SOLEIL!
Spring 2019 Housing Studio, Professor Carrie Norman, Tulane University

Brief: A group of 3 home owners in the Garden district of New Orleans
decide to build a denser city block.
The ground floor is intended to create a civic node
in a largely residential neighborhood.

Material explorations inspired by the adjacent electricity plant and cemetery begin to formulate a denser brick and plaster, punctured by windows and light filled alleys.

Three apartment types are created, from studios to 1-3 bedroom duplexes, allowing for sectional interactions in flat surroundings, even for single owners or couples.

Apartments look onto more private and plant-filled courtyards while enjoying close access to more public neighborhood parks and amenities.

plaster facade trials

graphite + native plants (dipped)

cadmium + burnt sienna (polished)

graphite + cadmium (flickered)
graphite + native flowers (aerated)

burnt sienna + cadmium + dried roses

native plants + cadmium

site models

laser etched museumboard + acrylic
3d printed housing types rubbed with sepia pastel

water retention

shared courtyard

two-bedroom duplex

one-bedroom duplex